Hi there & welcome to my page.  My name is Warren Parker.  I'm a Paramedic & Kayaker.  I began kayaking in 1999 & started teaching in 2000.  Native to New York but will travel to paddle.  Currently I'm a Coach Level 3 Sea,  Assessor 1,  5* aspirant.  At the moment I teach on the lower Hudson River for New York Kayak Company.  Some of my excursions have brought me to some amazing places to paddle & teach.  
These places include:
United States Overseas          Coming Soon
New York Jersey, UK  Angelsey, UK
New Jersey  Channel Islands, UK              Cornwall, UK
Georgia  Ile De Brehat, France
Florida   Isle of Mull, Scotland
Washington        Dominican Republic

I got into kayaking rollerblading.  Talk about different extremes.  I was blading along the West Side Highway with the Empire Skate Club on a tuesday night when we came across The Downtown Boathouse (a non-profit organization run by volunteers, www.thedowntownboathouse.org ) which offers a free kayaking program.  After going on my first trip to the Statue of Liberty.  I was awestruck & got kayak fever.  Afterwards I began to volunteer & learned to kayak.  The following year I was recruited by New York Kayak Company which I still for to this day.  The experience & knowledge gained through this company is priceless.  Exposure to different boats & gear.  How to repair & paint boats.  Properly build & secure floating docks.  The best thing about working for them was being able to work with different coaches.  Both native & abroad.  A good majority of my training comes from people such as Tom Bergh, Steve Maynard, Nigel Foster, Dale Williams, Shawna Franklin, Jean Totz, Claire Knifton. My mentor & dear friend Mark Tozer.  Claire & Mark gave me a challenge.  Which was to get an apprentice & bring them up the ranks.  I picked a good friend whom I teach & travel with. Not to mention has even exceeded past me in my opinion, Taino Almestica.  Kayaking is something I wouldn't give up doing for the life of me.  Even my kids kayak & love it.  Thank god for that.  This isn't just a hobby or sport for me.  It's a passion.  I now get to facilitate others just getting into the sport & help them grow.  Even though most of my methods & techniques are stolen from other coaches.  Most of them are modified which make them my own.

At this present time I'm working on holding Storm Gathering 5 in the year 2010 here in the states.  the place to hold it is going to be very unique providing I can get it approved by the governor of California.  Hopefully I'll be able to present to everyone at the 3rd Storm Gathering.  If all works out.  There will be good seas.  Challenging waters.  With a bit of US history.  From my lips to gods ears.  It will be a monumental gathering no one will forget!

The links on my page are from people I have worked with in Friends Links.  Sea Kayak Outfitters are companies I have worked for or with.  Coach Forums USA are two orums that have good discussion & information.  In Got Gear? & Boat Companies.  These are companies I recommend.  I either have, use or demoed their gear & boats.  Lastly are the two main BCU Organizations.  Both sites have great information

I would like to thank everyone that has helped educate me over the years & helped me get to where I am today.  Godspeed & safe journeys to you all!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's been a while since my last post & figured I might as well keep up with some of my adventures & achievements. I haven't made to all the places I'd hope because of the lack of invites but none the less; the accomplishments are interesting.

Today is my birthday. A little tanked. Feeling a tid bit awkward however, finding myself with a lot of reflections. Since my original blog & only now making it updated. I find myself with great stories to tell.

After participating in the 3rd UK Storm Gathering I was asked to star one in the US & I did. Not being able to get the participants I was hoping to get. My turn out was a total of 11 people. I didn't think it too bad for my first symposium. BCUNA wasn't too happy because I brought over coaches from the UK to assist me in running a successful program. A huge thank you to Mark Tozer & Richard McEvoy. Two of my finest UK friends Whom I proudly call my family. As far as my US friends which I place in the same category whom are Taino Almestica, Orlando Condeso & Larry Burton. Without the help of the five of you. That symposium would not be possible. For those that chose not to show up because you think NYC gets no conditions. Let me know & I'll send you photos that prove otherwise. This took place in 2009 & I'm looking to do another one this upcoming September in 2012 so I hope others will consider coming over. Come over for some good workouts, interesting trips as well as just having a great time paddling & meeting new friends, fellow paddlers. I must thank New York Kayak Compamy for the use of their facility & resources to make it possible. A big thank you top Randall Henricksen (NYKC) & Louis Shing from Certified Emergency Medical Responders for providing what was said to be an amazing CPR \ First Aid course.

In 2010 I decided to got o Gordon Brown of Skyak Adventures for my second 5* assessment. What an amazing experience. For those whom have never journeyed with the man I highly, highly suggest it. What a great time. He & Ken Nicole provided me with experience & knowledge which will stay with me for lifetime & will be passes on to my kids whom have all this year decided it was time to get in the water & party. This includes my 8 y\o daughter who has a heart of steel & presses forward with great determination to conquer kayaking. She desperately wants to travel to Wales & paddle the waters of Anglesey & have a grand ol time.

This year I attempted for a third time to pass my five star but to no avail. All I'm going t say is shit happens & I did not bring my A-game to pass. I'd like to thank Rich McEvoy for your help & support, Mark Tozer for providing another opportunity. Olly Sanders & Howard Jeffs for your honesty and different perspective. Phil Clegg for the use of equipment I should've brought with me. Most of all Katey Cakes for the assistance in the navigation portion which has caused me much grief in the past. My wife Yaz for tolerating another 2 weeks of boredom in the UK & dealing with me being away during the day while you stood somewhat bored in a room. Be warned 2013 will be my year to finally pass. This time I'll be bringing my A+ game. Incorporating what I've learned from Kevin Mansells, Chris Jones, Tom Nelson, James Stevenson, Claire Knifton, Pete Jones, Gordon Brown, Ken Nicole, Olly Sanders & Howard Jeffs. A bit of being a paddling buddy with a touch of being an asshole. Not comfortable with the asshole part. It just seems like it needs to be done for the assessment. Which sucks but, it is what it is.

It's 10:15 EST. I'm tanked & tired. Time for a lil R & R while feeling somewhat good. Pics to follow. Have a great day all & safe journeys!!!